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Applying for a Building Permit

Permit Considerations
When applying for a permit, you must take the following information into consideration:

  • Contractor Requirements - Property owners can list themselves as the contractor on a building permit. All other contractors must have a valid City of Durango Business License.

  • Durango Fire and Rescue Authority Review (DFRA) – Plans may be required for permitting through the DFRA as per section 105.6 of the 2003 International Fire Code (IFC), Required Operational Permits, and/or section 105.7 of the 2003 IFC, Construction Permits, and would need to be submitted directly to the DFRA at:
    104 Sheppard Dr.
    Durango, CO 81301
    Ph: (970) 382-6000

  • Engineering Department Review – To include review of water lines, sewer lines, backflow prevention, stormwater drainage, and to determine if any public improvements will be required as a result of your building permit submittal.

  • Permit Status - To check the status of your building permit application, you will need to call (970) 375-4852. You will need to have the address and the owner’s name.

  • Plumbing and Electrical – Homeowners can do their own plumbing and electrical work, but if a plumber or electrician is used they must by licensed by the State of Colorado. Commercial property owners cannot complete the work on their own; they must use a licensed plumber and electrician. Electrical permits are issued by the State of Colorado.

  • Submittals – All submittals require a building permit application and two sets of plans, when plans are necessary as determined by the type of permit. The minimum review time for building permit applications is seven days for residential and 10 days for commercial, if no other processes are determined necessary during the review process. Fees are due at the time the permit is picked up. There is no submittal fee.  Call (970)375-4852 with any questions. Submittals can be made at:
    River City Hall
    1235 Camino del Rio
    Durango, CO 81301