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Multi-Modal Advisory Board
Board Overview
The purpose of the Multi-Modal Advisory Board is to make recommendations on the operation and administration of the city multi-modal transportation systems.

The board solicits and maintains funding support for the Transit Center, trolley, fixed route, and opportunity bus services, bicycle and pedestrian arterial and feeder routes.

The board also makes recommendations on policies and procedures for consideration and adoption, it adopts a service plan to include all multi-modal routes, public transportation fares, levels and times of service. It also makes recommendations regarding the operation and capital budget for the multi-modal services provided.

At a Glance
Specifications Details
Established by Ordinance O-1984-21, Resolution R-2014-2
Number on Board Seven voting members, two nonvoting members
Length of Term Three years
Council Liaison Councilor Melissa Youssef
Regular Meeting Time

Third Wednesday of every month at 4:00 pm

Regular Meeting Location Transit Center, 250 W. 8th Ave. 

Special Requirements
All members are appointed by the City Council. Membership consists of: one business owner within city limits, one in public health, one FLC student representative (in this member's absence the FLC staff member will vote), one senior / disadvantaged / disabled representative, 9-R representative, one citizen at-large representing bicycle interests, and one at-large citizen. City residency is not required. 

Current Members
Name Appointed Term Expires
David Steele, Vice Chair Senior/Disabled/Disadvantaged Community Representative 02/10/2015 01/31/2018
David Critton, Business Owner 02/07/2017 01/31/2020
Julie Popp, 9-R School District Representative 01/31/2012 01/31/2018
Spencer Compton, Citizen At-Large/Cycling 02/07/2017 01/31/2020
Kent Harris, Transit Operations Manager NA NA
Amber Blake, Assistant City Manager NA NA
Kim Baxter, Citizen At-large, Chair 02/07/2017 01/31/2020
Tommie Rogers, Youth Ex-Officio 05/04/2016 08/31/2017
Liane Jollon, Public Health Representative 02/23/2016 01/31/2019
Michael Watchman, ASFLC Representative NA NA
Mark Mastalski, FLC Faculty Rep NA  NA