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Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission
Commission OverviewMYAC_logo.jpg
The purpose of the Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission is to involve youth participation in city government asstated in the Children, Youth, and Family Master Plan resolution that the City Council adopted in March 2009.

The goal is to create opportunities for meaningful youth involvement, to develop citizenship skills in Durango's youth, foster greater understanding of their concerns and contributions, and encourage greater youth participation in community issues.

At a Glance
Specifications Details
Established by Resolution R-2010-22
Number on Board Seven members, two alternates
Length of Term One year
Council Liaison Mayor Dick White
Regular Meeting Time First and third Monday of every month from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Regular Meeting Location Smith Chambers at City Hall (1st)/Library, Program Room 3 (3rd)

Work Sessions
The Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission also holds regular work sessions every third Tuesday at 4:30 pm at the Durango Public Library.

Current Members
Name Appointed Term Expires
Harry Steinberg 05/04/2016 08/31/2017
Jonathan Smith 05/04/2016 08/31/2017
Jenna Engelken 05/04/2016 08/31/2017 
Amina Youssef 05/04/2016 08/31/2017
Lane Arnwine 05/04/2016 08/31/2017 
Livi Curmano 05/04/2016 08/31/2017
Madelein Dearien 05/04/2016 08/31/2017
Brianna Brown, Alternate 05/04/2016 08/31/2017
Katherine Hallin, Alternate 05/04/2016  08/31/2017
Dale Garland, DHS Ex-Officio NA  NA 
Mary Beth Miles, Staff NA NA