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Development Updates
Downtown Durango Hotel (E 2nd Avenue and E 5th Street)

Construction is starting for the Downtown Durango Hotel (E 2nd Avenue between E 4th and E 5th Streets). The City will utilize this webpage to provide up to date information on the construction process.  If you would like additional information on this project, call (970)-375-4850. 

Demolition Permit

The City of Durango approved a Traffic Control Plan and issued the Stormwater Permit (SWMP) and Demolition Permit on May 30, 2018 for the developers to demolish the existing structures on the future hotel site.  The demolition of the structures started on September 5, 2018. Canyon Construction is doing the demolition. Demolition debris is allowed to be trucked up to E Third Avenue and over to the College Drive signal.

Canyon Construction was issued a Right-of-Way Permit, for Tuesday September 11th, to close the sidewalk and parking spaces on the south side of E 5th Street between E 2nd Avenue and the alley (they will be paying for all the parking meters to be closed for 1 day) so that they can complete the demolition of the northern most building.  E 5th Street will remain open for vehicle traffic during this time.

LPEA Work in the Alley

The LPEA work in the alley is schedule to start on Monday, September 17th and will be tentatively completed by the end of September.  Construction will occur between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm daily.  Canyon Construction is doing the excavation. LPEA is relocating the overhead electrical cables to a trench. 

Traffic Control will be provided along E 5th Street and in the alley during the construction time. Neighbors that need to access their garages from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM will be accommodated as much as possible during the construction on a case by case basis.
The alley will be asphalt patched after this phase is complete and will be repaved at end of the hotel project completion.

E 2nd Avenue/College Drive Signal Reconfiguration and E 2nd Avenue Restriping

As part of the construction process, East 2nd Avenue will go from a one-way (northbound) street to a two-way street between E 5th Street and College Drive.  Also, the new signal at East 2nd Avenue and College Drive will be reconfigured for this change.  The striping and signal improvements are expected to start on Monday, September 17th and will be tentatively completed by the end of September. 

Improvements for this project include:

  • Restriping of East 2nd Avenue between E 5th Street and College Drive;
  • Restriping of the City’s on-street parking spaces along the west side of East 2nd Avenue from diagonal parking to parallel parking and reinstallation of the City’s Parking Meters;
  • Installation of a new Stop Sign for the new southbound East 2nd Avenue lane at the intersection of East 5th Street; and
  • Reconfiguration of the new Traffic Light at East 2nd Avenue and College Drive to accommodate the changes to E 2nd Avenue. 

Branson Traffic Control is doing the traffic control, restriping work and meter relocation work. One Touch Electric is doing the signal work.

Travelers are encouraged to utilize caution in the construction zone.