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Public Engagement
Engage with your city!
What do you value about living and working in Durango? 

This is an opportunity for your priorities, values and vision to guide the future of Durango. The City of Durango is facing difficult budgetary constraints in the near future. In order to continue to make Durango a great place to live and work, critical decisions need to be made regarding the limited resources we have to work with. Before making these decisions, we need the perspective and input of citizens like you to guide us as we seek to clarify our options.

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Join in the conversation by attending a Community Forum!

Thursday, March 1:  Kickoff Forum from 5-7PM at Durango Public Library, 1900 East 3rd Ave

Monday, April 16: Community Forum #2 from 5-7PM at City Hall, 949 East 2nd Ave

Thursday, May 17: Community Forum #3 from 5-7PM at Ska Brewing, 225 Girard St

Monday, June 25: Community Forum #4 from 5-7PM at Carver Brewing, 1022 Main Ave

Community Satisfaction Survey
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