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Share the Road
This year the City of Durango's Multimodal Division is launching an educational campaign with tips on how to safely share the road -- for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and motorists. 

Monthly tips are featured in the Momentum e-newsletter.

May's Share the Road Tip: Three Feet for Passing Three Feet for Passing

1, 2, 3...safe to pass! When passing a cyclist, allow at least three feet of space between the widest point of the cyclist. This is a Colorado State Law (C.R.S. § 42-4- 1002). To pass a cyclist safely, you may cross a double yellow centerline when oncoming traffic is clear. Be courteous, share the road! 

Safely passing bicycles chart. The Three Feet for Passing bicycle safety policy has gained significant interest and activity in state legislatures. Twenty-six states and the District of Columbia require that motorists give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing.

Watch a video on the Three Foot Law
, courtesy of the Colorado State Patrol. In Colorado, bicyclists and motorists have the same rights and responsibilities when using public roads. 

Let's all do our part to to safely share the road!
Read the May Momentum e-newsletter.

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April's Share the Road Tip: Wear Lights at Night! (And a Helmet!). Spring is here, and the warmer weather and longer days provide plenty of opportunities for great riding -- even at night. Read more

March's Share the Road Tip: Motorists, Focus on Driving. 
Distracted driving is increasingly becoming one of the biggest hazards on our roadways. Read more.

February's Share the Road Tip: Safety Starts at the Bus Stop. 
The greatest risk to your child is not actually riding a bus, but approaching or leaving one -- especially at a bus stop. Read more.

January's Share the Road Tip: Respect the Sharrow.
 A sharrow is a shared-lane marking indicating where a bicyclist has the right to ride. They can be seen along many Durango streets. Read more.

If you have a road story you'd like to share, please email .