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Single Stream Recycling

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1. What is single stream recycling?
2. Why is the City of Durango moving to single stream recycling?
3. Do I need to sign up for the new program?
4. When do we start?
5. How much does it cost to recycle?
6. If I don’t sign up for the new program can I continue to recycle in my old bin?
7. What should I do with my old recycling bin?
8. Will we be able to recycle more plastic products?
9. Will I be able to recycle my yogurt containers?
10. How can I recycle my plastic bags?
11. What other products can I recycle in the single stream program?
12. Can I include glass in my single stream recycling container?
13. Can I still recycle glass?
14. Why is glass being collected separate from the single stream materials?
15. Why can some communities with single stream recycling programs include glass with the co-mingled material, but Durango cannot?
16. Should I put my recyclables in a bag before I place them in my single stream recycling container?
17. If I am a county resident, can I participate in the City's curbside recycling program?
18. If I am not a City resident, where can I recycle my products?
19. If I am not a City resident, will I have to pay to drop my recyclable products off at the Recycling Center?
20. If I am not a City resident, why do I have to pay to recycle my products at the Recycling Center?
21. Where does the City take the recyclable material that it collects?
22. Where can I get more information on the City’s Recycling Program?