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Garage Sale Signs Permit

  1. 1. Signs shall not exceed 4 square feet in overall size and shall be limited to a total of six. 2 .The structure to which the sign is attached (box, plywood, pole, etc.) shall be of minimal dimensions needed for support and shall not exceed 30” in height. 3. Signs are to remain in the public right-of-way for no more than 48 hours and may not be posted on utility poles, traffic signs, or nailed into trees. 4. Signs must be secured positioned and shall not obstruct or be a hazard to pedestrian or vehicular traffic. 5. Signs and mounting devices must be removed at end of event. Failure to remove all advertising may result in a fine not to exceed $1000 for each day the violation exists. (City Code of Ordinances Chapter 27) 6. Balloons, flagging, streamers, and all incidental attention-getting devices are prohibited. 7. Each sign must have a sticker on it from Public Works. Place the provided sticker on a visible portion of the sign / structure near the upper right corner. Signs that are placed without stickers or are in violation of the above stipulations will be removed. 8. Signs cannot be placed within the Central Business District (E. 2nd Avenue to Camino del Rio, 160 West to 15th Street).

  2. I have read the Conditions of Approval and agree to abide by them. I request permission to use the public right-of-way for the purpose stated above. I understand that permission is granted for only the use and locations stated. I also understand that this permit can be revoked at any time and, at the request of the City of Durango, the use must be discontinued and the signs removed by me at my own expense. You are agreeing to the conditions of approval by submitting this form.

  3. You will receive your permit stickers via email within the next 24 hours. Permits submitted on Fridays or the day before a Holiday will be addressed within 24 hours of the next business day.

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