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The City of Durango offers many recycling services including: 
  • A Public Drop-off site

Single Stream Recycling  
Your City is pleased to offer curbside single stream recycling as part of its garbage collection services. The single stream recycling program allows city residents to recycle more products. Under the single stream recycling program, all recyclables, except for glass, can be recycled in ONE container. Using one collection container for all of your recyclable items increases the ease and convenience of recycling, which encourages more people to recycle and conserves more resources. Single stream makes recycling easier!

Individuals currently utilizing the public drop-off location are encouraged to continue to participate in the City’s recycling program. City residents and local businesses that are interested in the City’s recycling services should call 970-375-5004 for more information.

Non-city residents that utilize the City’s public drop-off locations will need to transport their recyclable products to the Durango Recycle Center. Household quantities of single stream recycling will be accepted at the Durango Recycle Center for $3 per 60-gallons of material. Commercial quantities of recyclable material will be accepted for $3 per cubic yard or 60-gallon container. Glass can be recycled at the Recycle Center for free and does not require proof of residency. 

Your single stream recycling will be collected on a different day than your garbage. Click here to view the Single Stream Recycling Collection Schedule and Map.

Learn more about what can be recycled in the Single Stream Recycling Program.

Sign up for the program and start recycling today!

Glass, Electronic, and Battery Recycling
The Durango Recycle Center also accepts glass recycling at its 24 hour drop off free of charge to city and non-city residents. Electronics are collected from residents on Saturdays. Businesses can schedule a drop off time for their electronics on Fridays. Battery recycling is available during business hours. 

Why Recycle?

Recycling saves money, energy, space, and natural resources. It's economical, ecological, easy, and effective.

Schedule a Tour 
To schedule a tour of the Durango Recycling Center please call (970) 375-4834 or contact us by email.

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