Common Complaints

Common Code Compliance Complaints

The following is a list of common code compliance complaints received by Code Enforcement.


With the occasional dog at-large, the animal protection officers will respond to most animal violations. However, we are responsible for chicken permit verifications and inspections. We are also dispatched on bear-trash calls on a regular basis in the spring and fall seasons and work hand-in-hand with the property owners on proper storage of trash containers.

Business Licenses

Code enforcement officers are part of the process for businesses to obtain a license in the City of Durango. We inspect the business for safety and security prior to approving the license. If a business is in operation without a license, we will issue a Notice of Violation or a Cease and Desist order and require them to obtain a license.

Garbage / Refuse

If you allow garbage to accumulate on your property, or in the alley adjacent to the property, a code enforcement officer will tell you to remove it, and how much time you have to do so.

Grease Traps / Interceptors

Grease is a challenge that affects the city sewage system. Failure to maintain a grease trap results in the sewage lines clogging up and causing sewage to back up into any number of locations. This complaint is now being addressed by the Utilities Department.

Junk / Abandoned Vehicles

A code enforcement officer has the power to order a property owner to remove junk vehicles from the property within 15 days after notification. Vehicles that are considered abandoned on city rights-of-way may be impounded after 24 hours and towed at the owner's expense.

Liquor and Medical Marijuana Licenses

When a business applies for a liquor or medical marijuana license, the Police Department and Code Compliance Division perform extensive reviews and inspection processes with background checks, approvals of zoning allowances, and approval processes.

Obstructions of Rights-of-Way

These could be from cars, to piles of dirt, to hedges, or trees and shrubbery and may result in immediate abatement due to safety concerns.

Sign Infractions

If a property owner places a sign on his property that goes against municipal codes, a code enforcement officer will contact the property owner and tell him to remove or modify it. They may also explain the process to obtain a permit to place it on the property.

Zoning Regulations

If a property owner builds something on his property that violates zoning regulations, a code enforcement officer can order the property owner to remove the new building.