PATH Membership

PATH members have been recruited to included individuals with connectors to all groups in the community who may care about homelessness and the various ways it is experienced in Durango, La Plata County and the surrounding region. 

Name Organization
Rachel Bauske Volunteers of America  
Elizabeth Salkind  
Housing Solutions of the Southwest  
Brigid Korce Housing Solutions of the Southwest  
Ann Morse   Manna Soup Kitchen  
Sarada Leavenworth   Axis Health Care  
Victoria Garcia   Axis Health Care  
Caroline Kinser   St. Mark's Church, Neighbors in Need Alliance
Matt Harper   St. Mark's Church, Neighbors in Need Alliance
Liane Jollon San Juan Basin Public Health  
Peter Tregillus Neighbors in Need Alliance,
Thrive! Living Wage Coalition
Shawna Butler   Southwest Center for Independence  
Miriam Willow Giles   Southwest Colorado Council of Governments  
Shannon  Soignier   Crestview
Paul Marusak   Ella Vita  
Richard Dilworth   Durango BID Homeless Outreach  
Mike Todt   Compassionate Community Outreach
Neighbors in Need Alliance 
Mariel Balbuena   La Plata Family Centers Coalition  
Tim Walsworth   Durango Business Improvement District  
Elsa Inman   Mercy Regional Medical Center  
John Gamble Community member
David Waller Crestview neighborhood
Chuck Stevens   La Plata County  
TBD La Plata County Sheriff’s Office
Kevin Hall   City of Durango  
TBD Durango Police Department
Meagan Picard The Athena Group
Jenn Lopez The Athena Group
Chris Chopyak Arlosoul
Heather Martinez Independent consultant