Unique Items

The library has several different types of unique items that are available for library users to use. While some can be checked out and taken home, others are specifically for your use while you are at the library. Take a look at what we have to offer, and check back often as we are always adding new things to our Unique Items collections.

Take It Home

Board Games - one of our most popular collections! We have over 80 board games for all ages.

State Park Backpacks - State Park passes and family activity backpacks.  This Program seeks to encourage and allow Colorado residents of all ages to visit State Parks, enjoy and explore nature, and engage in healthy, fun activities. 

Portable DVD Players - great for traveling, camping, or just relaxing at home with a good movie.

Ukuleles - yes, we have ukuleles! Each comes with a carry case and chord chart so you can start playing right away.

Use It At The Library

Bike Locks - to secure your bike while you are at the library.

Reading Glasses - we have several different power options available, just in case you left home without yours.

Headphones - you can find headphones to check out to use while you are at the library by visiting any staff desk.

Laptops - for parents or caregivers to use in the kids library while little ones explore.